The Academy has been built from the ground up and is ready to start churning out some Nobles.

Shhhh, don’t tell anyone.

Not that it’s obvious that I’ve just had a 500 point increase, instantly.

The troops are now in mass numbers, cheering at the thought of destroying, plundering and slaying those of another village. Blood is on their minds. The cavalry are placed at the gates, kicking up the dust armed to kill.

Whoa, calm down it’s just a game. None of the above is actually happening, that’s just my mind running a little wild on this morning’s caffeine…

This is not going to be a long update. There’s not much to say, or not much I can say without dwelling into the tribes tactics.

Personal growth has been steady, it’s been consistent and each and every day I farm more and more. Progress.

The tribe is growing massively, we are and will be one and the highest ranked tribes in this world for the foreseeable future. Obviously anything can happen, operations are being made up daily and the top tribes do seem to take them brunt of the attacks as people want to knock them off the top spot!

At the time of writing this, which may not be the time of posting it as am currently writing other things, the rankings are as follows:

Player Rank: 663

Tribe Rank: 14

We have been taking a lot of damage recently from a few of the top tribes but we are going strong and I know from what I’ve seen already, we aren’t going to be quitting any time soon!

I’m still struggling with the farming side of things. I don’t quite understand if I’m either doing it wrong or just hitting a busy area and arriving after everyone else when hitting the villages? Can anyone help me?

I’ve also taken to spending a few premium points on speeding up building times. Especially with the Smithy. Towards level 20 the upgrades take over 12 hours, far too long to wait! I know a lot of people farm premium points but I haven’t quite been able to work out how people do it. Do you just sell resources after farming? But I can’t seem to farm enough to turn into premium points!

I’ve got to be doing something wrong?

Another thing that’s annoying me, not a massive issue is my phone. I have a crappy Windows Phone and there is no app for the game to be used on the phone so I just have to use the browser. It’s not much of an issue but I’ve had a look at the Apple app and it looks like it works rather well. Do you guys use it?

So that’s about it really. I would appreciate if you could either leave a message here or in game if you could help me out a little with regards to farming and earning a few extra premium points!