Today’s word prompt has directed me in just one direction. I’m not feeling particularly adventurous so I will write about the first things that jumps in to my head when thinking of this word. That one thing is my girlfriend.

My girlfriend and her very limited pallet.

I’m talking about the meaning of the word Diverse: A Range Of Different Things. Now this isn’t the only meaning of this word, but this is one I’m taking and this what I think of when I use this word, so this is what I will write about – I hope this makes sense?

Now I personally love food, love it and I’m far from put off from trying different things, anything for that matter. If you put something in front of me, as long as it is edible, it will be tried. I don’t like everything, but I will attempt to eat anything, regardless of smell or texture its going in my mouth.

It’s always important to try new things and be open to different foods. Otherwise you get stuck eating the same foods,

But not my girlfriend, oh no.

Her range of food is almost comical. She just doesn’t like anything. Not only does she not like anything but she won’t try anything because her silly head tells her she doesn’t like it.

No diversity.

I now present you with some examples of the daily issues we have to conquer in about to eat food together.


An everyday occurrence in most people’s food. Now contrary to popular belief, the underlining reason she won’t eat vegetables is because of this… Cast your mind back to 2001. She was only a small human back then and one day, during a Sunday Dinner she found a pea shell floating around in her gravy…

I will let that sink in for a second…

I don’t understand it either so please don’t ask but that is the one reason she now won’t touch vegetables.


Once again, an everyday item and one that most scientist will say is important to your daily diet. Im not sure of the reason why she won’t eat fruit, but she just won’t touch it.

Maybe because its somewhat good for you?


Don’t even ask about tables sauces these are a definite no. Stuff like Bolognese sauce or a pasta sauce is sometimes ok… ASLONG as it doesn’t contain any lumps, veg or is too tomatoey…


Again I wouldn’t even bother. She would rather have her food plain. Take chicken for example. All of the different rubs, seasonings and flavourings that can be added. NO.

I’m not going to keep going on. You get the idea. It’s a living nightmare when it comes to cooking.

I want to experiment. We are young and I want to try different things, different flavours, something new…

She wants to scrape it all off, go back to basic and leave it as it is!