There’s nothing much exciting about waking up in a morning. But when my alarm goes off at 8am Im nothing but inclined to press the fuck off button and close my eyes again. The next thing I know its 10am.

Oh dear.

For once in my kittens life she hasn’t sat persistently scratching at the bedroom door for the past 2 hours waiting impatiently for me to get up just so I can feed the fat lump of fur. Instead the other cat, who I kid you not is actually green, believes the skin on my back would make a good material to hold on to and climb up.

Brilliant and painful start to Sunday.

We never have anything planned and then comes the awkwardness of asking my girlfriend “what do you want to do today?” which always ends in the same dreary response – “not sure, what do you want to do today?”

Now this is usually ok for most couples. But we don’t really do the same things. She would rather chill at home when I would rather go for a walk or out on the bike. She’s pregnant so I let her off for not going on the bike but there’s no middle ground between sitting on a sofa and going for a walk. Crawling maybe?

So we headed to the local town centre, the lovely land of Chesterfield with its historic death trap cobbled streets smeared with mushed up Maccys chips and littered with cigarette ends. Pissed up scrotums walking around off their tits by midday. But it was sunny so fuck it, it’s going to be a good day.

But town is shit. The same old crappy shops full of obese humans with their snotty children. Fuck that.

So town didn’t last long. Instead we headed home, had a little sit down because walking slowly consumes so much energy.

We go on holiday next month so we took some time to start packing the suitcases. Not the most luxurious of tasks and I personally couldn’t give two shits what I wear when I’m holiday. As long as it’s sunny which it will be because we aren’t staying in the UK.

Funnily enough, out of the blue, the old ball and chain (whatever that actually means) decides we should go for a walk. Back in the car we go, which at this stage is like a pissing oven, now containing two sweaty people.


Linacre Reservoirs.

It’s hard to explain this place. Especially with the extent my vocabulary stretches. It’s basically three reservoirs, some trees and paths made of mud and gravel.

So here’s a link to actually show you what it’s like.

To be fair its an enjoyable walk, especially on a day like today with it being around 25 degrees. Yes it actually got that hot.


Pizza Hut.

I’m not that much of a fan of this establishment to be honest. It’s overpriced for one and it’s nothing special. I mean £10+ for a pizza that may as well be a frozen one from the local shop. It’s nothing special and has no real unique selling point. It sells pizza. But unfortunately my girlfriend likes it, which basically means I like it too. I don’t, but it keeps the peace. The only positive thing I can take out of eating here is taking your left overs home in a box, to leave in the fridge forgotten for two days before throwing it in the bin.

Although it a little late. Actually no, I’m not 5. It’s not too late, I just have a lot to get done before work tomorrow. But you know what, I’m going out on the bike.

Believe it or not, it’s impossible to Blog whilst riding a motorbike. Well it probably is possible, but yeah, you would be fucking moronic to try it.


The ride was good, I don’t normally get time to get out on the bike. There always seems to be something else that needs doing. Like eating or watching a TV program – you know, important stuff. I didn’t get too far to be honest and I literally have no idea where I went. All I do know is watching a cow mount another cow isn’t classed as concentrating on the road and may one day have a severe consequence. Rather this time, although I was unable to get a photo which would have made my day, I did pull over to get a photo of the scenery. Like I said, no fucking idea where I was and to be honest, it’s just a field and some trees so could be anywhere, it’s all the same.

The bike has gone back in to hibernation for an unknown period of time. Who knows when I will get it out again.

Well that Sunday evening feeling has started to kick it and its only 9pm! Still I best call it a day and make sure everything is sorted otherwise I will be sat at work stark bollock naked – and I’m sure no one wants to see that!