A short while ago, in a head full of bullshit and sarcasm…

Expect swearing, sarcasm, boredom and no flashing images…

A blog-a-day? Why not? Or really what I should have asked is why?

I’ve decided I want to try doing a blog a day for the following 30 days, this counting as one of said days. Not for any reason, just hopefully someone may like it enough to keep following. Either that or I will have 3 very bored and pissed off subscribers who are going to be spammed with emails on a daily basis about a new blog of boredom by Daniel.

Blog of boredom, not entirely sure that would sell.

Do you know how frustrating it is to try and type up something that is on your mind, then have to take 5 phone calls and completely forget whatever you wanted to say? That is happening all of the time! No wonder I so boring when I write!

I find that the time my head is most active in what I want to write is the time I want to go to sleep, it drives me absolutely crazy! For example last night, I thought of loads of things I wanted to write about, didn’t get to sleep until 2:30am and when I woke up my thoughts had completely vanished in the thin air. Thought thief…

So I found myself waking up, making a little note in my phone and then trying to get back to sleep. The issue is, the brightness of my phone in a pitch black room then wakes me up. What the fuck am I supposed to do? If I don’t write things down I end up writing about how I have nothing to say and how I couldn’t get to sleep which is what Im doing now!


I’m not that interesting, let me get that out there now before you decide to subscribe to the next 30 days of boredom and hell. I bet you are feeling sold to that idea already?

But I mean it, blogging is new to me and I haven’t yet subscribed to many people but I find one person that writes about cats talks about more interesting things than I do – how on earth can that be?!

I blog to clear my head out and by doing so I end up filling your heads full of shit.

Saturday and Im working, rather disappointing really and the 25 degree day we were meant to be having is yet to appear. Saying that I do reside in the lovely (and I use that word very sarcastically) UK and if someone thinks we are going to have 25 degrees they must have been smoking something. The weather is always shit. But then again that is our attitude to everything over here, everything is shit. We could win the lottery, be millionaires but something would be shit. We are full of positivity, shit positivity.

It transpires that I will just be rambling on with these day to day blogs. Like I say, Im not that interesting, Im also working which is the least exciting thing anyone could do.

Should I blog on Sunday?

Why is work so dead? I’ve literally been able to ramble on about the above rubbish without a single phone call. It’s definitely plugged in…

What do you guys think to getting involved in doing a blog a day? Not like a challenge, I’m not going to come and hold a foam sword or a wooden stick to your head to make sure you write a blog every single day for 30 days but why not? Give it a go?


Ahh my sugar filled, pending heart failure and tooth decay of a Greggs hot beverage has come to a sorry end. How is one supposed to pursue a day on no caffeine?

**One hour, a fresh cup of tea and zero phone calls later**

I’m still at work and this is such a drag. Why is it so dead?!

I’m fully aware not many people are as stupid as me and decided of all the phones on the market, a Windows phone was a good choice. But have you noticed the Windows phone app store is what can only be described as piss poor? There is literally nothing, like why do I even have this phone? Yes that’s right, because EE have no mathematical, profit based sense lying in the whole of the company. I tried to update my phone a few weeks ago. Now bearing in mind I currently 17 of the finest English pounds per month. I was ready for a new phone. One of those Samsung curvy screen things. £40 a month. But it’s too early to upgrade through Carphone Warehouse and EE themselves charged more on a monthly basis. I literally just want a new phone and to give a business, which I would assume is profit driven, more money per month. Anyway, long story short I can’t upgrade until July so Im stuck with an outdated, piss poor phone. It works, don’t get me wrong. It works as a phone but the Windows phones are just so outdated now and the app store is shit – not good for when you have absolutely nothing to do at work.

Well that was informative.

Half way through my shift. This is a wank day. I don’t like that word, erm, this is an unproductive day. There we go. The phones either don’t ring, or ring all at once. Talk of the devil… I also get emails, mass emails and people always decide that when they aren’t talking to you face to face, or even on the phone, they can be dicks. Pure dicks. Disrespectful, rude and inconsiderate dicks.

Works done, Im out of here.

Venturing down towards Poolsbrook Country Park, land of elderly couples, children and benefit riddled creatures. A pleasure.

Now have you ever tried feeding geese and ducks? They are fucking animals! Not in the sense that they are actually animals. I mean they are greedy inpatient fuckers that will take your hand off for a slice of Co-Ops flavourful bread. So that was eventful. We also saw some small duck things.

Fluffy yellow bastards.


After that I took my beautiful girlfriend to Matlock. A small town made up of old looking houses. A small river, stream? A line of green, polluted and unpleasant water, whatever it may be called runs through the town. The streets are smeared with chips that have taken the plunge from their trays and no one seems to be enjoying their time.

But it’s actually a nice place. I didn’t get a photo, purely because of the fact that unlike anywhere else in this touristy country, it was raining.

But like I say, its actually quite pleasant. I don’t like people though so I found the place quiet annoying but when everyone has pissed off home, yeah its alright.

Obviously there is normally only one thing you can eat in Matlock and that is fish and chips. Now I don’t know how much fish fried and smothered in gravy counts as a healthy intake for a pregnant person, but I will let her off.

The night more or less finishes there. I won’t describe how I had a bath. You really don’t want to be picturing that of all things.

I did get 20 minutes or so on Final Fantasy XIII tonight. Not much but cracked on a little with Chapter Two. I guess its still getting you in to the game and honestly, Ive not idea what on earth is going on as of yet. So Ive completed the Sacrarium and the House of Stairs. Alot easier than thought but like I say I think its still warming you in to the game for now. I mean most enemies are two hit kills and do very little damage in a sense where you dont even need to focus on the health side of things, just keep attacking. But Im looking forward to getting on with the game in the next couple of days.

Just as a little update for the Tribal Wars readers out there too! Things are going really well. Ive jumped ship in to a much more positive, active and knowladgeable tribe and honestly I can see this going a long way! But things are still early days so anything could happen, hey I may even have my second village in the next couple of days… Wishful thinking to be honest!

No idea what tomorrow has in store, but as action packed as it may not be, Im sure I will let you all know about it!