In all honesty, I’ve not had the best of starts to World 87. Saying that, Ive not had the worst either.

How longs the World been going on for now? Like two weeks? If that? Or more? You easily lose track of time with this game being so repetitive.

Let me just log on and have a look…

20 days. Bloody hell that’s gone quick. But its also reminded me how slow Ive got off to on the world. Well fast to start with, then slowed right down recently. Like being a sprinting tiger morphing in to a turtle, or a snail…

Anyway back to the positives. Its not been a bad start and as this is the first post about this world I will try to include some of those fascinating facts you all love to read. You know those ones that help you go to sleep, right?

So lets start off with the rankings. Im doing shit. At the moment of writing this, which could be up to 12 hours before I post it because im unbelievably lazy I have a laughable 943 points which ranks me all the way down in 1562 place. Yay…

The good news is, your ranking means about as much as a ham sandwich does to a vegetarian. In other words in means zilch, nada, nothing…

Jack shit.

The other thing to say about my dire ranking is the fact I have a current troop ratio of 3:1 which is rather impressive for the stage of the game… I think.

One thing I have really struggled with is farming. Im hitting every last barbarian village in well, what seems to be my 20×20 if not more and im hitting them persistently but so far ive farmed a total that is lower than some peoples best day! Im struggling to understand why and do wonder what im doing wrong? Any idea?

I know I shouldn’t do this, but I am going to. I’m not that impressed with the tribe I am in. It’s the same with most tribes at the beginning. Recruit, grow and then get rid of the inactives. But the tribe Im in seems to just focus on points. ITS IRRELAVANT! Points do not matter and the quicker we can get this in to people’s heads, the better.  The other thing I noticed the other day is some (possibly new) player was asking for support. He/she has more points than me, but had a level 6 farm, LEVEL 6! Mine is currently level 22. How on earth do you get to this stage and have a level 6 farm?! No support was sent, to be honest that player deserved to be burned to the ground. Just start again…

I’m hanging around though, I will give them a chance. I’m no God at this game so do not wish to be that arsehole everyone hates but if you don’t crack on with this game, you aren’t going to be around for long – you will get eaten up, spat out and stamped on very, very quickly – I don’t want that to happen to me.

All that being said, it has been rather quiet like the calm before a storm. People are growing around me, tribes are really pushing ahead and people have even started to take a second and third village – but Im yet to be attacked. Nothing has been sent my way and the longer that lasts the better really as to give me the best chance to grow and spread as quick as possible. That is my aim.

I guess it’s back to the grind though, must keep farming!

Someone please drop me a message in game or a comment here, let me know how you are getting on and please, for the love of God tell me what Im doing wrong with the farming!

Hopefully things will pick up quickly, they need to over the coming month so we can all crack on and grow!