Well it certainly has been a while. Not that I can see any of you 3 readers are complaining or begging for the return of another blog post… Still, I needed to write something right?

Why has it been a while I hear none of you ask?

Well firstly I set this blog up originally to talk about the things that frustrate me. Now after a week or two I came across two fundamental problems in writing about things that, well, pissed me off. The first being that getting things out actually had no impact on helping to clear my mind of said problem. Nor did it provide any solution in stopping said issue from actually pissing me off. The second and one could say the most important issue with writing about the things that frustrate me is that writing about them actually frustrated me further! A bit like in the sense of going to court to give evidence of being raped, it brings back the memories and in no way actually helps combat the issue. Not that I’m somewhat comparing me having a problem with an odd number being on par with being raped. There is of course a small difference between the two…

Those are mainly the reasons for not posting recently.

Another thing to take in to account for my absence is something I’m sure thousands of bloggers experience when first starting out – no one actually gives two shits about what you write. I’m not famous, I hardly managed to accumulate 100 friends on Facebook and 90% of those would walk straight past me on a street as if I was some homeless guy smothered in aged cheese. So getting people to actually read your stuff is something I’ve found rather difficult. The fact that most of my views have actually come from myself proof reading after posting sums up my point.

What other things have slowed me down though? Well a couple of real life, human things have been getting in my way.

I’m trying to decorate the house. Now for those of you that do know me – the person that doesn’t like odd numbers, can’t eat any food without using a fork and knife and will flip tables upon reading a spelling mistake will know that I don’t do things by halves – unless its work then half is more than enough! A fresh lick of paint is all that is needed… So of course I’ve gone and ripped the skirting and coving off, the carpet is coming up and the light fittings and plug sockets will be changed…

I’ve done the same with my bike. I need to replace one split hose so I’ve stripped the bike down, all fairings off and will be completely refreshing and rebuilding the bike as I go! In fact I do have some plans for the bike which I’m hoping to follow up on with a couple of posts because I’m sure you will all be interested.

Because I’m a little weird.

But yeah that’s basically why I’ve been a little quiet. It’s difficult to find the motivation when you are the only person motivating you!

I’ve decided to try and keep myself motivated by updating here regularly with progress so hopefully that will keep me going. That or the simple fact I’ve got a pile of metal in the garage that needs putting back together and a bedroom that’s completely empty and needs living in?

Anyway, please keep me company, drop a message, comment or email me. Try to keep me going!