This is more like it.

After being completely annihilated on World 86 last week Ive found the Casual World suits my sytle of play much better.

I’m a very competitive person, I like to win and I like to be the best. But I started World 86 a month after everyone else, it was never going to go well!

So back to the Casual World.

I’ve started this world over 2 years after it started, but that doesn’t matter… as much. There are rules to stop the big players attacking newcomers – I think you can’t attack someone who is 20% higher or lower than your points. So with me being just 4000 points, I cant be attacked by someone who is 1,000,000 points and has hundreds of villages.

Helpful to say the least.

The other good thing about this world is that your starting village can never be nobled – it can be attacked, destroyed and “cat’d” back to square one but it can never be nobled meaning you will always be on this world unless you become inactive.

The world isn’t for competition. Yes there are score boards, leader boards and wars but its mainly to practice and to play with a more relaxed attitude.

Not that I will…

In all honesty, I have no intention of being the best on this world. Yes I will fight to be better than other people, I will try my best and I will defend and attack as needed to work my way up but let me just point out, I have 2 villages… 2. The top players have over 1000. Now couple this with the 20% rule mentioned earlier, it’s going to be a very long time before we can even attack each other.

But my aim on this world is to practice and learn whilst growing. Im trying to get myself ready for World 87, whenever this is going to be released!

Anyway, back to the first week in this World.

It hasn’t been as slow as the normal start to a World. The good thing about the Casual World is that you drag your last village over from the World you were conquered on.

So I started with a 2000+ point village, earning good resources each hour. You also start with a base amount of troops, farming troops too so a nice little handful of Light Cav and Axe.

With the starting troops, the first thing was to farm and farm big. I don’t know if the big players still farm. I don’t know if they need to but I have been constantly hauling between 100,000 and 200,000 resources throughout the last week – obviously the last few days have become stronger hauls due to recruiting more and more troops.

Ive also become part of a tribe. Now I don’t want to be horrible, well I’m not being horrible but it’s a very quiet tribe. Like I said I think people play for fun and its more relaxed so I don’t think there are many orders being barked – either that or I’m in a tribe that doesn’t play… which I doubt!

One of the other things I have noticed is the amount of help I have been given by some of the newer players. A player under the name of SezU has helped massively since day 1. I don’t know him… or her however they have helped no end over the last week just be basically advising, talking oh and also sending resources to me! I understand that he/she has 1000+ villages however it’s still very generous to give someone, who you don’t even know, something for free!


Anyway, back to this week.

Nothing much happened until yesterday, well 3 days ago but yesterday finalised it. I finally, after 3 days of trying, Nobled my first village to take my grand total to… 2!

It wasn’t anything interesting, it wasn’t difficult. It just took ages.

It was only a Barbarian Village but with the time it took the Noble to reach the village, it took a rather long time. The Noble took 5 hours to hit the village, 5 hours to travel back, 5 hours back to the village and so on until finally this happened…


Another 10 hour trip and finally the village was mine!

Now over to this next week. It’s going to be more of the same, hey I may even get in to the mix and look to take over another player village! But for now, back to farming, back to growing and back to recruiting troops.

Oh one last thing I did want to say before you try and wake up from the slumber this blog post has caused you to fall in to – Ive received a message from a player ingame commenting on the blog posts just saying that he/she liked it. I really appreciate any response, any comment and if you do want to catch me ingame, feel free to message “Dinny” ingame.


How are you doing in this world? Any words of advice? Let me know what you think.