Well that didn’t last long.

To be honest I didn’t think it would. But it was fun whilst it lasted. Did I say fun? I meant tedious, repetitive and time consuming. But it would have been fun if things got going.

Starting the World a month late, I didn’t quite give myself a fighting chance. A lot can happen in a month.

At the beginning of week 3, the farming was going good. I was hauling over 100,000 resources each day and it was really helping me grow. I was growing a lot faster than the others around me.

But that didn’t help.

I was closing in on being able to build an Academy. Basically this is the building that gets you to the stage where you can start looking at conquering other villages.

My troop count was good too. I had 4 times as many troops as I did points and if you know how to play this game, that’s not bad going at all – especially in your first village. See many people rush points, but points do not make you strong. I rushed troops but unfortunately wasnt quick enough.

I was spending a lot of time logged on too, farming, farming and guess what… more farming! It’s the main thing to do and helps you grow. Like I said I was farming over 100,000 resources each day. Compare this to the 108,000 resources my resource pits were already churning out by itself, you can understand how important it is to be able to grow. Thats almost doubling my daily intake or resources.

Anyways, let’s keep this short and sweet – I struggle to do that and don’t want you falling asleep like a baby being told a night time story…

Let’s skip to Tuesday. Well I say skip, let’s go back to Tuesday. Making sense aren’t I?

Firstly, things happened within the tribe and next thing we all knew – “Tribe Disbanded”


So all alone, I felt like a little mouse, cuddled up in a little ball, surrounded by big, hungry cats. Lions even.

Tuesday night and the first attack was sent over, just a small scouting attack. Nothing to worry about at this stage, maybe just a little warning.


However that night came another 4 attacks. Slow attacks that meant just one thing.


Funnily enough, the person who scouted my wasnt the person who ended up attacking me.

I didn’t have much of a choice, I had to just take the hit. My village was made of purely offensive troops – not really what is needed when trying to defend.

The 4 attacks hit, my troops were gone, my wall was turned to rubble and my morale down to 7.


I knew I was just one more attack away from being nobled, from losing my village and from flushing away 3 weeks of… repetitive farming.

Two more attacks were sent, one I knew would be a clearing attack, the other the final noble.


Frantically, I built the walls back up, starting recruiting defensive troops. The first attack hit and to my surprise I walked away from it, took out all of his troops but it wasn’t enough. The second attack came in, a full on offensive hit and a final noble.


My one and only village had been taken over, I was done.

So on that note I was given two options. Restart the world or join the Casual world so I’ve decided to join the Casual world which I will write up about in my next week’s write up.

I didnt see much point in re-joining. If Im going to play the game I want to the be pushing to be at the top and giving everyone a month headstart doesnt really put me in a good starting position.

The casual world is for those who have had their last village nobled. Its a world that was started in 2014 and should just be for fun – like a game should be.

There are certain rules which I will cover next week but mean you cant be attacked by much higher players and your original village can never be taken over.

So I will continue to write up, keep you informed and hopefully get somewhere on this new world whilst we wait for World 87 to start.

Anyway, how are you getting on in your current world? Are you playing Casual? Let me know!