What’s happened this week?

In all honesty, not much. But hey, keep on reading – it shouldn’t take too long.

It’s finally picking up down in the sunny south Continent 65. I’m still sat more or less on the Southern border, staying out of trouble – which is probably best seeing as the smaller villages grow a lot slower than the larger villages and Im very quickly becoming an extremely small fish…

And people are really starting to grow. Quickly.

There are a few little late joiners still trickling in like a gloopy syrup, but they are even further behind then I am – So Im not worried about them… Yet.

Just to give you an example of how starting a month behind effects how far behind you end up – I’m currently sitting on 1271 points with just 1 village. The top player, at the time of writing this has 142,596 points with a current total of 21 villages. There will be a few things that affected growth rate, of course. The top players tend to buy their way to the top early on and this has its advantages. Obviously I don’t know what are in their villages, but having 20 more villages than me, after just 1.5 months of the world starting, puts me at a slight disadvantage early on.

The good news is, this game has a “world speed” which means troops only move at a certain “speed” – For example it may take a certain troop 9 minutes to move one square and the big players are a long way away from me so will be a good 100+ hours to send an attack over to me.

Thank God.

Moving on…

Troops > Points.

Is this not the most common saying in this game? At every early stage in the game this is the quote that gets repeated over and over again and I personally have two different arguments for and against this.

Of course, it’s obvious to see that troops are the most important part of the game. Without them, you are toast once an attack comes in. On top of that, without troops you cannot attack and more importantly you cannot farm and without farming you are going to be left in the dust with regards to growing.

However, there is a side note to think about and before you say Troops, Troops, Troops – just have a little think about this.

If you are in a position, where you have 1 village and are looking for your second one – the players around you have one village. You don’t quite have a full nuke to use and the villages around you vary in points. Now let’s say there are two villages you fancy, one is twice the points level of you and the other is the same level of you. Regardless of troop count, even the good players can make an assumption that the higher points are likely to be more filled with troops? Or am I the only one that thinks this? So I would say that sometimes, higher points may give the vision that you have a stronger village. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m the only one that thinks this? I know that’s what scouts are for, but lets say the scout reports didn’t come back.

Drop a comment at the bottom with your thoughts!

Anyway, moving on… Back to last week’s comments on Loot Assistance.

It’s really helpful. It basically stops the boredom of having to consistently click on villages. Now I’m only playing from a small village, a tiny little nest of a few thousand troops and I’m hitting between 200-300 villages a day, this is a mere fraction of what the big players are doing – 65,000+ villages. Imagine hitting 65,000 village having to right click and confirm which troops, on every single one!

Loot assist has helped, its helped a lot on those tasks that just consume time. Farming is a huge part of this game and the Loot Assist really helps complete it without turning this game into something you don’t want to return to.

Now then, there has been a release of a little game. It only seems to be running for 14 days and from first glance, looks fun.

Here is the offical video.


The game is called The Nobles Fair. The first half is like a game show spinner, in which you win whatever you have landed on. I’m not sure entirely what you can win, but so far I have won 30 days Loot Assistance and 50% off of nobles which, when activated, halves the prices of all nobles for 24 hours – handy! I’ve also just recently won 5 instant Hiding Place levels which isn’t bad at all – We all love free stuff, do we not?

The second part is, from what I can work out, little mini games in which players have 3 choices “answers” and if you get the answer right you win another free ticket for the spin. If not you can go through all three answers until you win but have to wait 2 hours before you can chose another answer – so basically you could win a free spin every 2-6 hours if you are playing constantly.

The final part of this week’s write up is just to do with the current rankings.

Rank 2677 for the entire world

Rank 61 for Continent 65.

Tribe rank 44 for the entire world.

Now rankings are a little misleading. Well not misleading, but they are based mostly on points. The main rankings are based solely on a players points and then there are sub tables that have rankings for other things. So the above rankings are based purely on points. It’s still something to look at. I’m hoping, obviously, to start to climb the rankings over this next week now that my farming schedule is bringing in some healthy hauls.

So that’s this week, a lot has been done but its mostly mass farming, as much as possible to grow.

How are you guys doing on this world? Please leave a comment with how you are doing and please return next week… if you are interested of course!