Its not hard to realise by now that stupid, little, petty things make my blood boil. They take me like one of those stupid, money stealing grabbing machines you get in the arcades and remove me from a calm, relaxed and chilled out mind set. It proceeds to throw me down the shoot straight into a pit of hollow nothingness, a cold, dark room. The only way out is to sift through a never ending sea of petty, tiny little nothingness to try and find the key back in to the real world – The world where these things have no relevance, no meaning and would not normally phase a “normal” person.

Its times like these I wish I could just shut down. Stop what I was doing. Close my eyes and start again. Where is the restart button?

But its not even things that matter. Like things that you, your friends, your colleagues or even the pissing dog wouldn’t give two seconds of their time for.

You wouldn’t even notice.

Let me give you an example. An example of the little things in life that make you and I totally different people.

The English Language:

I know and yes I am fully aware people make mistakes when they write. Hell im no genius when it comes to writing. My punctuation isn’t the best and sometimes I may spell something a little… Wrong.

But there are alot of people out there that cannot string one sentence together without taking all sense or tearing it up in one way or another.

Im talking about social media, texts, emails mostly – you know where you have to use your eyes to find the mistakes – and boy do my eyes find them, like pigeon shit does to a white t shirt…

We all went to school didn’t we and it doesn’t matter if you didn’t go on to further education, I’m sure we all had lessons on how to string words and sentences together?

I see spelling mistakes everywhere. I can almost understand, although I still feel like plucking both my eyes out with an ice cream scoop, the odd mistake on social media, texts messages – I mean we are only communicating with our friends… it’s not important right?

But I fail to see beyond this – is this how they actually live their lives? Is this literally how the speak? I start the realise maybe I am right and these people are actually uneducated morons.

I receive an email. Not personal, no. A work email… “Hi m8” – Are you seriously kidding me. This isn’t MSN. I’m 25 “mate” and if you have made it to this stage in life and still think emailing your fellow colleagues with “m8” is normal, then you need to take a good hard look in the mirror!

Yes it annoys me, more than it should – Like some little ballbag poking you in the face with their sweaty little fingers over and over again. Just piss off!

I could probably understand why people do it. Maybe it saves a little time or maybe they are just illiterate and cannot spell unless they are typing like they were children, on their first mobile phones – wat r u doin?

The thing is text type doesn’t even save time and makes no sense half of the time. When scrolling through social media I spend more time deciphering the puzzle that lies before me than it would actually take for me to walk to the posters house, teach them the English language and ask them kindly (at knife point) to re-type said post in a manner that others can understand… Ya get me, dawg?

And please, please use a capital letter where appropriate… most phones auto do this anything. Infact most phones and computers sort the spelling mistakes out too…

Now reading the dross I have just written above, I’m more than aware I have made some mistakes. But its readable and I’ve used the odd full stop, comma. Maybe I am being harsh on those that don’t use a capital letter at the start of the sentence but hey, it winds me up so I’m writing about it.

The list goes on. So until next time…