We all have those little things in life that get on our nerves, don’t we? There are literally loads of things, uncountable amounts of things, that people could list.

Some of these things would make people laugh, frown or even think you are a little… different. But we are all different and I guess that’s what keeps the world going. Either that or why I laugh when my cat falls of the bed, one or the other.

That person coughing behind me… loudly… SHUT. UP.

I must say, I have not written a blog before so for all I know, this could be one of those things that makes my head want to blow! But for now let’s keep going and see where this leads.

But… for the time being and for the forseable future, Im not going to run out of things to write about, since I started this there has been two separate things that has happened right in front of me that’s set me off and made me look like that fluffy grumpy cat that’s managed to earn its place all over the internet… argh that bloody cat!

Now let me get one thing straight, there is nothing wrong with me – well, nothing that has been tested and proven… yet! I life a healthy life style (I don’t take any medication… maybe that’s whats I need!) and live what most people would call a normal life – Own my own house, have a full time job, a girlfriend and two rather annoying cats.

Yes I find my job rather stressful but the majority of the things that get to me are just everyday things, people, hearing something that just… ARGH!

I will try to keep things clean… to start with. But this is a blog about things that wind me up so tempers may fly!

At the age of 25 I come across so many new and different things each and every day that drive me up the wall, that make me want to pull my hair out and I have started this blog to keep track, to share and to possibly find a solution to the things I feel when I see or hear something that just makes me tick!

I plan to keep this blog updated with a weekly update on the things I’ve experienced and come across during the week but will also add extra posts on particular little things that just get to me.

So please feel free to have a read, enjoy and let me know what you think.